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Name: Marita
Age: 22
Height: 5ft 6inch
Weight: 112 lbs
Bust: B-Cup
Hair: Brunette
Languages: English



Hello there lovely people of Riga? My name is Marita your go-to-girl every time you're in Riga for pleasures. I can give you all the pleasures you seek and even more opening up your world to a whole new kind of life. Come let me show you how the women of Riga welcome their male visitors. My B-cup bust and curvaceous ass are just a few of the welcoming features on my body. I'm well-built and physical fit ready to venture into your silly adventures in search for new pleasures. I love men who come with unique ideas for styles on how we can have more fun. I'll be more than glad to try them out with you as I also love adventures.

I'm 22 years old which I believe is my prime age. How about you have me when I'm at my best years? I'm 5ft 6inc tall and weigh approximately 112 lbs. If you like brunettes then let me give you a reason to even love them now. Your time with me will be like no other. I'm fun and cheerful. You will never be bored as I will keep you engaged in sweet little conversation as we relax in your hotel room. This will build up the moods and get us into what I believe will be the best night in your life. Go ahead and book now for this wonderful experience.